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Electrical engineering company relying on senior and expert resources along with the very best test equipment. Areas of excellence include specialized electrical testing and diagnostics, expert witness, failure analysis, maintenance audit, maintenance program development, testing standards development, test plans and technical training.

RUP Consultants Plus Inc is a conditioned based and risk based maintenance procedure industry leader. We have partnered with both software and hardware companies to provide equipment reliability solutions around the world. Building a solid industry reputation and leveraging relationships with existing industry leaders. RUP Consultants Plus Inc is working diligently to provide software tools and data acquisition hardware towards a CBM approach to maintenance.

RUP Consultants Plus Inc Experts have accumulated decades of best practice experience and knowledge in the management of electric utility and industrial power system assets and efficient cost-effective operations and maintenance solutions. Experts have successfully provided engineering and asset management services to utilities and industries for generation, transmission and distribution assets. Experts have also provided professional mentoring, guidance and integration services to a wide range of facilities and clients in fully and effectively implementing Asset Management System.