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  • RPCON Plus India Pvt Ltd. celebrating National Safety Week March 4 - 10 at various Sites

  • RUP Consultants Plus Inc is pleased to launch its Indian subsidiary RPCON Plus India Pvt. Ltd. on September 24th 2020

  • RUP Consultants Plus Inc. is pleased to announce its appointment as the sole Reseller of Enespro manufactured electrical safety PPE for India, S. E. Asia and Australia

About RUP Consultants and RPCON Plus India Pvt. Ltd.

RUP Consultants Plus Inc. and RPCON Plus Pvt. Ltd. are pleased to open our website for industry review. As time permits, we intend to make this site one of the premiere locations for sourcing information regarding new developments and strategies in support of electrical equipment reliability. RUP will build on the tried and true shutdown testing techniques and bridge to the most current and even groundbreaking technology available in North America and around the world. Dr. Prodipto Sankhar Ghosh is a well acknowledged academic in this area and has devoted a good portion of his career to advancing the concept of power equipment condition analysis through hybrid customized mathematical formulas.

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In this we will meet with our customers major asset management requirements regarding reliability and continuation of service. As well it is our intent to balance cost of service with return and ensure maintenance expenditures are optimized.

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