Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety Services

The Electrical Safety Services offered by RCPI are:

  1. Electrical Safety Audits (e.g. documentation, simple or detailed) that meet OH&S Standards for process, validation and verification, and performance based scoring.

  2. Electrical Safety Program development and support, consistent with Local Occupational Health & Safety Regulation and NFPA 70E Management System framework requirements.

  3. Workplace Electrical Safety training using the NFPA 70E as the industry accepted electrical safe work practice Standard in support of meeting due diligence for arc flash and shock. Training is focused on the practical application of the content of NFPA 70E, electrical hazard analysis, appropriate selection of PPE and mitigation.

  4. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis calculates the heat released in the event of an arc flash incident, the intense energy from the arc vaporizes the adjacent material and produces a sudden air expansion through the open side of the enclosure toward the electrical worker. The arc flash incident energy released is a function of the arcing current, the duration of the arc and the working distance. Arc flash protection is always based on the incident energy level on the worker’s face and body at the working distance, not the incident energy on the hands or arms.