Key Personnel


Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering, MBA, MIEEE

33 years experience includes 15 years with Testing & Consulting Firm, 6 years in Power Utility as Senior Engineer with the Generating Station and Substation Department, 5 years in High Voltage Testing Laboratory, 2 years in Cable Manufacturing Company as Testing Engineer and 5 years in University as Senior Lecturer in Electrical Power. He has Consulting and Project experiences in the field of Insulation Diagnostics for electrical power equipment in several countries such as India, Germany, Malaysia and Canada. He is actively engaged in organizing & conducting Short Courses since 1996 in India, Malaysia and Canada in the areas of Maintenance, Testing and Condition Monitoring of High Voltage Equipment for Engineers from Power Utilities and Industries. Over a period of 16 years he has built a strong research career through successful supervision of 3 Ph.D. and 15 Masters level projects in the field of High Voltage Insulation Diagnostics and has published more than 50 technical articles in reputed international journals and conferences including IEEE. He is currently an active member of various working groups under IEEE/PES Power Transformer revising existing standards and developing new standards. His in-depth industrial and research experiences have made him a specialist in the areas of condition assessment and condition based maintenance of Power Transformers, Cables and Switchgears.


  • Member – IEEE
  • Member – Association of Engineers, India
  • Member – IEEE/PES- Standard Association
  • Member – IEEE/PES Power Transformer Working Groups
  • Member – CSA Z462, Technical Committee
  • Chairman – Working Groups 5 and 10 for CSA Z463 Electrical Equipment Maintenance Standard
  • Member – PCIC IEEE Working Group P1683 WG -- TG3
  • Technical Advisor – TNB Research Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia
  • Technical Assessor – Technical Expert Position for TNB Distribution
  • Technical Assessor – Technical Expert Position for TNB Research
  • Research Collaborator – TNB Research Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  • Reviewer – Technical Paper for peer reviewed International Conferences
  • Chairman – Technical Sessions of Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition on T & D Asset Management Conference - 2006 organized by CIRED (Malaysia)
  • Chairman – Technical Sessions of Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition on Medium Voltage Underground Cables, 2005 organized by CIRED (Malaysia)
  • Member – Technical Advisory Committee for PEITSICON-2005 organized by IEE, UK (Calcutta Chapter)
  • Reviewer – Technical Papers published in PECON -2004 organized by IEEE(USA), Malaysia Section
  • Chairman – Distribution Unit on The Industry Day-2002 organized by TNB Research, Malaysia
  • Member – Syllabus Review Committee for the Industrial Training Institutes of India, CSTARI, 1999, INDIA.
  • Rapporteur–Technical Session VB in 7th NPSC, 1993, organized by Jadavpur University, Calcutta, INDIA


  • Experienced in conducting Electrical Safety Audit for Utilities and Industries
  • Experienced in developing Electrical Safety Program comprising of PPE, safe work procedures, engineering & equipment safety by design
  • Skilled in designing, developing and delivering Workplace Electrical Safety training with specific reference to NFPA 70E
  • Experienced in load flow studies, short circuit analysis, protection coordination and arc flash hazard analysis using ETAP and EDSA
  • Skilled in troubleshooting and maintenance of high voltage transformers, switchgear & cables
  • Skilled in commissioning tests of transformers, switchgear & cables
  • Experienced in Failure Analysis of transformers and cables
  • Experienced in detection of Partial Discharge activities in Transformers & GIS using Acoustic Emission Technique
  • Experienced in conducting High Voltage Testing on Transformers and Cables in accordance with IEC and IEEE Standards
  • Experienced in conducting diagnostic tests of HV insulating materials
  • Experienced in conducting diagnostic tests of overhead transmission line insulators
  • Managed Control Room Operation of Pulverized fuel Thermal Power Station
  • Expertise in interpretation of diagnostic tests data of HV insulating materials
  • Expertise in interpretation of DGA, Furan, DP and all kinds of electrical testing data of large power transformers
  • Expertise in interpretation of cable diagnostics data (partial discharge, tan-delta, dielectric spectroscopy, etc.)
  • Experienced in developing & implementing Condition Based Maintenance policy for transformers, switchgear and cables
  • Experienced in developing & implementing Risk Based Maintenance policy for transformers, switchgear and cables
  • Experienced in developing & implementing Reliability Centered Maintenance policy for fuel oil and lube oil systems in Power Station
  • Experienced in implementing ISO and Quality Assurance procedure in Power Station
  • Designed and Developed Software to estimate the remaining life of Power Transformers using DGA & Furan data • Designed and Developed Software for estimating the pollution severity index to effectively plan Switchgear and Outdoor Insulator Maintenance period using ESDD and Leakage Current data
  • Developed ANN Software for function estimation and classification tasks
  • Designed and Developed On-line Condition Monitoring System for Load Tap Changer using Motor Current Signature
  • Designed and Conducted Short Courses on operation, maintenance, testing and protection of high voltage equipments
  • Designed and taught Power Engineering Courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Universities
  • Designed, developed and maintained Laboratories for teaching and research purposes
  • Supervised 3 Ph.D. and 15 Masters Level Thesis
  • Published more than 50 Technical Papers in reputed Journals & Refereed Conferences


RUP Consultants Plus Inc., CANADA.
DIRECTOR -Testing & Consultancy,

DIRECTOR- Electrical Maintenance and Asset Management Services,

Universiti Tenaga Nasional, MALAYSIA.
SENIOR LECTURER- Electrical Power Engineering,


Testing Engineer,

Senior Research & Testing Engineer,